About us

PAL d.o.o.

Join us in the trend of the latest products in the field of locksmithing, with the best quality and product guarantee.

PAL doo is a company based in Podgorica, specializing in the production of aluminum and PVC joinery and all other supporting facilities such as blinds, shutters, mosquito nets, blinds, sunshades. In addition to standard carpentry, we offer ventilated facades, fences, metal constructions and inox products.

Our history

A brief overview of the achievements in the past period. Our jobs are no secret.

The company was founded in 2018 by Sreten Popovic, a man who has been in the business of aluminum and PVC joinery for more than 20 years.
In the past two years, the company has achieved a number of successes, and for a relatively short period of time it has a lot to show. In addition to countless small residential buildings, large ventures such as Hotel Kumbor in Kumbor, annex of the Park Hotel in Bijela, residential and business building Franeta in Budva, residential and commercial building Tujko doo in Tivat, residential – business building PopComerce in Podgorica, Hotel Carine in Podgorica.