About production

In our plant there are professional people, workers who have many years of experience in this business, beginners who have shown interest in this type of work and who show constant progress. In addition to our manpower, the plant is equipped with modern machines that improve the way and precision of production. Professional machines from branded manufacturers.

Our Products

Modern solutions in accordance with your requirements, for closing residential and commercial buildings.


Modern profiles with interrupted and uninterrupted thermal bridge, modern solutions and enviable quality.


A solution for everyone's home, compactness and quality that will meet all your requirements.

Aluminum - wood

For those with refined taste, we offer profiles in the color of wood, as the most beautiful decoration of the home.


Stainless steel with a pronounced aesthetic line, as a construction or profile, ideal for shower cabins, handrails.

Metal constructions

As one of our solutions, you can also find metal constructions such as steel treads, cantilever canopies, gates and blind stocks.


Depending on your wishes and the purpose, we offer aluminum, stainless steel or glass fences.

Ventilated facades

A trend that is increasingly applied to both business and residential buildings (alubond, fundermax, ceramics, etc.).